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update, grief, and dreams log

There’s been some additional weight added to my life, in addition to the overwhelm mentioned in my previous post. As my fingers try to relay the thoughts and feelings from deeper places inside me, documenting recent dreams here seems interesting.

From 22-August:

Bits and pieces from earlier in the dream involved driving around, chatting with others under the warmth of the sun. Then, laying down upon a bed continuing conversation with a partner and friends, an odd yet seemingly good-natured tiny bird flew over and landed next to me. After a moment, a small proboscis came from it’s mouth and entered my ear. Initially assuming a curious intent, I gently tried to remove it but found the task difficult. Much pulling was required to get it out, others joined in to assist as time passed. Once out, I plugged my ear, and the proboscis seemingly with life of its own immediately began to reach around and try my other ear. Growing more stressed through all this, I began to realize I was in a dream, and at this juncture awoke.

Just Deserts

28-Feb Idaho 23:50pm Wind I think my mum is probably not going to live for too much longer. She recently had another sudden health issue and she can’t slow down. Because no one in her day-to-day life is going to step up and actually take care of her. Some other family came, her parents and brother, but it sounds like they were just as much work as her regularly…

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Flaw flaw away

I posted on my social media page asking about my biggest flaw. Not to attention seek. Not because I was having a sad. I legitimately wanted to see if I could get some overlap between my friend group and the finalists I’d come up with myself. You see, I have been obsessed with personal accountability of late. And a hefty portion of that, for me, has been trying to…

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What a Leader Do

I’m the type of person who likes to “do.” I volunteer and get my hands dirty, and I speak up when I think there’s indecisive silence. I’ve had a penchant in the past for sharing lots of material with my peers, hopeful they would read the same things and arrive at similar conclusions. I’ve become intentionally selfish for myself of late. I retired from all leadership positions – largely…

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