Digitalizing Demons

I got a digitalizing notebook with erasable paper. This means I can write initial drafts by hand and then edit/finalize a post online later.


I am having a difficulty in that the text conversion doesn’t appreciate my all caps handwriting. But writing with little letters looks childish and wrong and I hate how it shows up on the page!

Much less how [much] more difficult it is to actually change my standard writing method like that..

So I’ll track down a font that will do me right … or I guess write .

Get it? Cuz I’m writing right. 😀

I wonder if this will assist me in getting more posts up on Lucenti. I got it intending to use it for a bullet journal. Re-usable & able to digitize if wanted?! Sign me the fuck up.

Anyway, I’m feeling better (maybe) than my previous post, but also I am back on track with my hormones. Experimented with a new schedule and I suppose it doesn’t work. My bigger problem was that doing my t-shot every 2 weeks made it more difficult to remember if I’d forgotten for longer than I should. so I ended up w/ only 2 shots in 2 months as I went through wrapping stuff up w/ the center and packing up & actually traveling and then finding a new place to live and getting to know a new place & tracking down a new work situation and helping a friend here out and … I forgot .

The interesting thing about forgetting with hormones is that my body has a very interesting way of reminding me why they are important to maintain. And that led to sensations and a bodily experience I’d not encountered in .. 10 years? You might think I would be devastated or angry.

I thought about how I should be more dysphoric, have stronger feelings about the thing yet.. I was annoyed, sure. I didn’t feel good physically and even had to spend a day sleeping just to “catch up.”

But my mind didn’t succumb to anguish and I wasn’t rendered emotionally incapable. I was generally… okay.

Hence the post about demons.

Are they still even here?

app scan of the notebook page


app scan of journal page 2

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