A Writing Hiatus

Hey folks!

After the last post I wrote, a cocktail of busyness, and some big life lessons, I am taking a break from writing on this blog (and other social media platforms).  

I am in the process of internal change and trying to find the right words to describe my feelings feels preemptive. I need a break from language and a moment to step into my skin.

I started Yoga Teacher Training at Salt Lake Community College this semester and am delving deep into the pool of myself, working on how to integrate my mind and my body as one. I have a tendency to become my mind and forget I even have a body. I know this is causing me to suffer. So right now, I’m working on being both.

I’m assuming that someday I’ll be back to write, but who knows, that might change (everything always does). So for now, listen to my voice on the podcast!

This adventure of life sure is fun and challenging and overwhelming and lovely and everything in between.

Catch you on the flip side!

<3 <3 April

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