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Just Deserts


I think my mum is probably not going to live for too much longer. She recently had another sudden health issue and she can’t slow down. Because no one in her day-to-day life is going to step up and actually take care of her. Some other family came, her parents and brother, but it sounds like they were just as much work as her regularly scheduled programming.

I came up to visit and to help her out for a couple of days. I don’t much interact with or visit family. A partner helped convince me I should make the trip. I’ve felt little more than sad indifference since arriving. And based on her behavior thus far, I don’t think she’s made the changes necessary to prolong her life. She certainly hasn’t rested.

Her stresses are many. Still providing care for her final child – now an adult – who refuses both work and school. Care for a relative that requires consistent attention and discipline. Care for her spouse who works a physical job, but consistently leaves every aspect of home and house maintenance to her, disappearing to a bed and TV nightly.

I have an urge to try to convince her of the need for a drastic change; to impress into service those living in the house to take the load from her shoulders. I also have the urge to get in the car without a word and leave and never come back. I’m trying to find a balance point healthy for me and not overbearing for her. I don’t know where that will take me over the next few days. I hope it’s enough, because I know that I probably don’t have much to give.

Introducing Lucenti for Listening! Episode 1: Community

We made a podcast! Find the transcript of our conversation here. In this episode, we discussed who we are, mutual aid, communities of our past (quasi-monastic, y’all), their evolution, building community for the sake of community, medicating and self-medicating, survival/homesteading skills, cynicism, crafting change in our world, connecting/socializing while sober, disconnecting from ego. So..just a few things! Footnotes: – What is informed consent? – More on Mutual Aid Societies. Also some…

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Peach Scones

All extremes of feeling are allied with madness. ― Virginia Woolf, Orlando Have you ever gone crazy for another person? Not head-over-heels smitten twitterpated starstruck young love. No, something… deranged. A passion so strong you’d kill your lover before kissing them. Consumed with mind and heart and soul, no thoughts for anyone else, or anything else. Always imagining being next to them, looking at them, smelling them, listening to…

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Lucenti Humanifesto

We were raised to believe witchcraft was not only real but also part of a deliberate effort by the devil to lead us astray. Our parents claimed that Jay’s Journal — which told of one Utah teenager’s descent into “satanic paganism” — was an actual autobiography. Most of us were encouraged to read it as a manual for how to avoid the devil’s snare. Some of us saw through…

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