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Listen to Ep 3 Trustopias

Well hello there. Isaac is back and brought a couple new people in for some conversation about how we trust, what we do when it’s broken, and then whether or not we should upload all human consciousness to each new child to see if it makes us stop treating each other like shit.

Thanks for listening!

Letter to a Toxic Friend

I would be lying if I said I had not rewritten this letter repeatedly. Mulling over and over what I would like to say, balancing it against what you will read. I should have called you out each time I recognized your toxic behavior, rather than waiting to pile it on you now with little more than a “good luck!” I thought I would have an easier time talking to…

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April showers bring May flowers

Lately, the question of who I am has been hard for me to contend with. Starting this project has forced me to recognize how duality exists in everything I am. I am all of the voices in my head, and it is unnecessary for me to single out one of them as my full identity. There is fluidity in who I am and how I love myself. To me…

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