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Birthday Resolutions

For the last five years I have set my New Year’s resolutions on June 9th. I have always had a hard time being accountable to January 1st, but June 9th, the day of my birth, the day of MY new year, has made the perfect check-in point. I love my birthday and count down the days until I get to celebrate myself alllll day long, every year. Call it narcissistic or call it fun, either way, June 9th is the best day of my year.

When I began making resolutions, I decided to use the 9th of each month to read through them and evaluate what I have learned. The goals have always been intentionally vague and multi-faceted from their creation. Checking in helps me fine tune them so I can deepen the practice of the lesson I am trying to learn.

I have never shared my resolutions in a public forum and decided today (June 9th!!) is the day. Eventually, I will write multiple pieces about these goals. There is no way I could convey their meaning in one or even five posts. They are marking points for so much of what I have learned within myself over the last five years.

Age 28:
Push through fear.
Practice active listening always.
Become more impetuous.

Age 29
Embrace chaos.
Listen to your body.
Stand firmly in truth.
Give all love.

Age 30
Embrace the darkness.
Be more accountable.
Speak your truth.
Find the beauty.
Explore your sexuality.

Age 31
Discover being.
Navigate gracefully.
Learn the pregnant pause.
Be more forgiving.
Be more deliberate.

Age 32
Breathe for clarity.
Practice wholehearted consent.
Move slowly.
Be brave with boundaries.
Talk clearly and gently.
Learn discipline.
Be accountable.

The list got really long last year, as you can see. I don’t feel I have a full grasp on accountability or discipline, and I‘m still learning how to talk clearly and gently. Those three will probably be on the list for next year. Also, “bite off only as much as you can chew.”

For now, I leave you with no explanation or meaning for these goals. Instead, I give an open heart and a willingness to talk about the things I have worked on. I’m noticing the importance of sharing examples of my growth to others. I also think it’s important to discuss the ways I have rewritten patterns I was raised with. I don’t know that what I have done will help anyone, but I hope that through my open-heartedness I might help others seek peace within themselves.

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