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Digitalizing Demons

I got a digitalizing notebook with erasable paper. This means I can write initial drafts by hand and then edit/finalize a post online later.


I am having a difficulty in that the text conversion doesn’t appreciate my all caps handwriting. But writing with little letters looks childish and wrong and I hate how it shows up on the page!

Much less how [much] more difficult it is to actually change my standard writing method like that..

So I’ll track down a font that will do me right … or I guess write .

Get it? Cuz I’m writing right. 😀

I wonder if this will assist me in getting more posts up on Lucenti. I got it intending to use it for a bullet journal. Re-usable & able to digitize if wanted?! Sign me the fuck up.

Anyway, I’m feeling better (maybe) than my previous post, but also I am back on track with my hormones. Experimented with a new schedule and I suppose it doesn’t work. My bigger problem was that doing my t-shot every 2 weeks made it more difficult to remember if I’d forgotten for longer than I should. so I ended up w/ only 2 shots in 2 months as I went through wrapping stuff up w/ the center and packing up & actually traveling and then finding a new place to live and getting to know a new place & tracking down a new work situation and helping a friend here out and … I forgot .

The interesting thing about forgetting with hormones is that my body has a very interesting way of reminding me why they are important to maintain. And that led to sensations and a bodily experience I’d not encountered in .. 10 years? You might think I would be devastated or angry.

I thought about how I should be more dysphoric, have stronger feelings about the thing yet.. I was annoyed, sure. I didn’t feel good physically and even had to spend a day sleeping just to “catch up.”

But my mind didn’t succumb to anguish and I wasn’t rendered emotionally incapable. I was generally… okay.

Hence the post about demons.

Are they still even here?

app scan of the notebook page


app scan of journal page 2

Ashes to Ashes, Dustin to Dust

Content Warning: Suicide “Suicide is not chosen; it happens when your pain exceeds the resources you have for coping with that pain.” – Out of the Nightmare by David L. Conroy Firstly, if you are or believe anyone you love might be considering suicide to stop the pain, please review and/or share the following links. You might find new ways to reduce your pain, or to increase the resources you…

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Just Deserts

28-Feb Idaho 23:50pm Wind I think my mum is probably not going to live for too much longer. She recently had another sudden health issue and she can’t slow down. Because no one in her day-to-day life is going to step up and actually take care of her. Some other family came, her parents and brother, but it sounds like they were just as much work as her regularly…

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Fire and Ice, Ice, Baby – Part One

The fire alarm was going off, but its shrill cry had been relegated to the background of my senses. Thick smoke had filled the room, making it impossible to see or breathe, so I had to crouch down. The lights in the apartment had failed, and I was scrounging around in the dark of the bedroom trying desperately to find my phone. As I brought it up and opened…

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Peach Scones

All extremes of feeling are allied with madness. ― Virginia Woolf, Orlando Have you ever gone crazy for another person? Not head-over-heels smitten twitterpated starstruck young love. No, something… deranged. A passion so strong you’d kill your lover before kissing them. Consumed with mind and heart and soul, no thoughts for anyone else, or anything else. Always imagining being next to them, looking at them, smelling them, listening to…

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“OK, Google, What’s Culture?”

As I drove north over the Point, I shouted at my phone like an angry boss frustrated with an obstinate worker. “OK, Google,” I demanded, “what’s culture?” It heard me over Larkin Poe’s southern blues rock, turned off the music, bleeped its familiar bloop, and answered me in a pleasant female voice that (I could tell, somehow) took no offense over my tone. “Culture is the arts and other…

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Ambiguous Identities

About three years ago, I went through a divorce that was more like a violent shootout than a pragmatic goodbye. The relationship my wife and I had nurtured over eight years collapsed in a matter of weeks. We went from best friends to worst enemies in the same amount of time we had spent vacationing together in Seattle one summer, drinking wine in bed, watching boats cross the Puget…

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A Rich Backstory

For individuals who live in the margins, on the fringe, or outside of the box, sharing personal details about their lives can lead directly to their destruction. People who assert that everyone has a voice in this “post–civil rights era” are only partially correct. But the volume is still turned down – if not muted – for many people of the world, despite all the avenues available for sharing…

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Ooh, that smarts.

Pain. It’s not great. It’s broad, complex, and personal. It impacts everyone around us. No one really knows what it is, or how to fix it, or even if we should be fixing it at all. Physical pain often presents itself. There is blood or a scar. But it can also be invisible to all but the bearer. Emotional pain can have a physical expression as well – sobbing…

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