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What a Leader Do

I’m the type of person who likes to “do.” I volunteer and get my hands dirty, and I speak up when I think there’s indecisive silence. I’ve had a penchant in the past for sharing lots of material with my peers, hopeful they would read the same things and arrive at similar conclusions.

I’ve become intentionally selfish for myself of late. I retired from all leadership positions – largely exhausted by the struggle of unnecessary ego, or the corruption in chasing dirty money. I’ve excused myself from friend groups, some because of the distance created by their life changes and the rest by the difficulty of scheduling quality time.

I used to think I was a leader, but don’t think much of the role anymore. I seek mentorship. I crave someone to listen and learn from. Someone not wrought with hubris or hungrily clinging to status. It matters little if it is someone older than me or a jury of my peers. I need to be able to spend time with this mentor to soak in what I yet need.

I hope to gain something from every relationship – something to motivate me, lessons on disciplining my mind, or perhaps a simple oasis away from realms of isolation. My goal is to always offer something similar in return, but I know that will not always be the case. I once read that society was built based on the obligation we feel to one another – systems of exchange – whether it be monetary or by favor. That we dislike owing our fellow a favor and seek to repay it. I have had the opportunity to be in groups where that was not the expectation. Where we volunteered our resources with no thought for anything in return. I am not opposed to offering my own but have yet to be able to receive from others what I truly need. My next level of growth is a focus on that – mentors offering to me what they are able, regardless of whether I ever “pay” them back.

Back to my thoughts on leadership, I no longer think I’m qualified to be one, despite my experience. I think I stepped forward in the past out of necessity. Being the eldest in my family forced me into caretaking and managing other’s lives. The team sports and school activities that engaged me most were the ones that placed me in leadership roles. I have been a goalie guiding the team with insight granted by a view of the whole field. I ’ve volunteered as team lead to craft training material and organize educational panels. I’ve served on executive boards (by vote or invitation) where I assisted other leaders in our shared duties.

I have in the past believed I knew what makes a good leader and that I had the ability to be one that does it well. I am not so sure now. I desire to grow the skills and knowledge to do what a leader does, while simultaneously recognizing that I need mentorship and continued education to maintain adaptability and remain in tune with those I might lead. I think I need to be selfish and create space for myself to accomplish personal growth. I need to say “No.” to being a leader, perhaps for a long time.

I have shifted the direction of my life to becoming more of a hermit, to learn more of myself and the worlds I inhabit, and to come out the other side confident in my abilities to get some shit done. I do not know if I am making the right decisions. I hope to know when I have learned enough when I finally “feel ready,” and then be brave enough to step forward again. If I do step forward, I hope that I will be the right person to carry the work forward.


Toxic Masc4Masc

I was recently directed by a friend to a post in an online poly group where a stranger made transphobic comments. I may write more on that, but the original post warrants exploration first. An admin of the group shared his thoughts on “Toxic Masculinity,” He is a massage therapist who happens to be a bit “woo-woo” for my taste, but has generally been a reserved and polite association…

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Peach Scones

All extremes of feeling are allied with madness. ― Virginia Woolf, Orlando Have you ever gone crazy for another person? Not head-over-heels smitten twitterpated starstruck young love. No, something… deranged. A passion so strong you’d kill your lover before kissing them. Consumed with mind and heart and soul, no thoughts for anyone else, or anything else. Always imagining being next to them, looking at them, smelling them, listening to…

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Letter to a Toxic Friend

I would be lying if I said I had not rewritten this letter repeatedly. Mulling over and over what I would like to say, balancing it against what you will read. I should have called you out each time I recognized your toxic behavior, rather than waiting to pile it on you now with little more than a “good luck!” I thought I would have an easier time talking to…

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A Rich Backstory

For individuals who live in the margins, on the fringe, or outside of the box, sharing personal details about their lives can lead directly to their destruction. People who assert that everyone has a voice in this “post–civil rights era” are only partially correct. But the volume is still turned down – if not muted – for many people of the world, despite all the avenues available for sharing…

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Ooh, that smarts.

Pain. It’s not great. It’s broad, complex, and personal. It impacts everyone around us. No one really knows what it is, or how to fix it, or even if we should be fixing it at all. Physical pain often presents itself. There is blood or a scar. But it can also be invisible to all but the bearer. Emotional pain can have a physical expression as well – sobbing…

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Perfectly Out of Place

I “don’t belong” to this place, and it doesn’t recognize my existence. Or rather… it doesn’t pay heed to my life and my experience. There are people in this place that look like they are being acknowledged and respected. It was designed for them somehow. They are among their peers and they engage in all the distractions of this place without any fear of getting lost, caught, or facing…

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who I am and why I’m here (ferox)

I am a human, so far as I know. I was raised rurally. Religiously. To value learning, despite my birth family rejecting what that education brought to me. I am music. Queer. Trans. Poly. Punny. I act far more confident than I feel. I live to listen to laughter – my own and others’. I am full of shadows. I am here to share my heart and my mind….

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