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Charter Cutie Plate – Section One

Lucenti aims to become an affiliate network of communities that have formally dedicated themselves to the tenets outlined in this prenatal charter. As such, I seek feedback to improve its pieces, that it may bring together stronger wholes.

Why do we need such a document?

A shared pool of knowledge is key to understanding one another and maintaining connections and community.

Let it serve as an introductory and referential tool, let it serve as a living document that changes to meet the needs of our community.

Personal Accountability, Peer Mentorship, and Mutual Aid


Personal Accountability: an awareness of one’s connections, and a willingness to accept responsibility for the impact of their actions.

Peer Mentorship: learning and developmental symbiosis between individuals of different skill levels; an individual sponsoring incoming members with regard for community expectations.

Mutual Aid: cooperation for the sake of common good; dedication from each member of a community to provide all possible assistance when individuals are in need.

The call to authenticity is sacred.

While many institutions hold individuals accountable for their actions, within their respective jurisdictions, communities often falter when they fail to educate their members on self-reflection and personal accountability. Only you know if you worked out, met your writing goal, or ate according to your chosen diet.

Once accountable to oneself, If one practices accountability for themselves, but yet experiences anxiety regarding their decisions, further education from their peers may enhance their ability to build their own trust. Education can be formal or experiential. Mastery comes when we share our knowledge and practical skills.

We have many potential teachers. The tech friend who can help sort out an online website for your portfolio, an acquaintance capable of helping you build custom shelving for your house, or perhaps a caring confidant willing to edit your writing. Our friends and connections can bring so much to our lives.

Blending these things together into intentional community is work. It can be difficult to mesh different personalities and experiences that may benefit one another. It can be a challenge to find points of agreement and keep members engaged to accomplish community goals. It can also be rewarding, and it may prove essential for the times when you can’t quite make all the pieces of life fit together. For many, a community built on intention might be one’s only option for a safety net.

Lucenti desires to unlock the mental blocks that might prevent personal accountability, without it becoming punitive. Lucenti seeks to re-create social structures that intentionally provide for and educate members to accomplish larger projects.

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Safe Spaces… or Isolationist Bunkers? Part 1

  I went and did it. I got embroiled in an online drama fest. I’m not proud of it, but I feel like I both learned some things and wasted some time. Though I suppose if I learned some things then I did not waste any time. I was added to a new support group for marginalized sexual and relational identities. The group rules immediately inspired some in-depth conversation…

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Flaw flaw away

I posted on my social media page asking about my biggest flaw. Not to attention seek. Not because I was having a sad. I legitimately wanted to see if I could get some overlap between my friend group and the finalists I’d come up with myself. You see, I have been obsessed with personal accountability of late. And a hefty portion of that, for me, has been trying to…

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Radical Heresy Final Part

Seek the truth and run from those who claim to have found it. André Gide All the religious and historical education I’ve encountered has brought me to the firm conclusion that High Churches are far more like primary schools than they purport. They certainly provide a groundwork for the practice of the initial levels of spirituality, and give structure and organization to folks who share some similar beliefs or…

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Radical Heresy Part 2

I wrote last time about modern heresy in lived experiences outside “the norm” and the methods of torture utilized to enforce conformity in the Middle Ages. Now I’d like to speak on U.S. culture but more specifically on my experience in religious-heavy Utah. I have lived on the fringes of this community for most of my adult life. I am currently planning my escape for places that feel more…

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Radical Heresy Part 1

In the Middle Ages, it was considered appropriate and absolutely necessary to physically torture heresy out of individuals who did not conform to the local divine standards. The eternal well-being of these individuals was considered to be at risk. Heresy, these Inquisitors thought, was like a virus spreading through populations – akin perhaps to what athene referred to in their last post. The world has updated the torture standard…

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Listen to Lucenti Live Episode 2

We’re still making a podcast! Find the transcript of the episode here. In this episode, we discussed Burning Man and its 11 Principles, with a focus on the newest one: Consent! Footnotes: What is Burning Man? Their yearly timeline. The Ten Principles of Burning Man. The background for “get my goat.” A really cool organization studying drugs. Far out, man. Burning Man org bought Fly Ranch property. More on…

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Home is in the Desert

I am excited to go back home. I want to listen to music as dust sands down my every follicle and sweat drips from my pores. I want to hold her hand while we skip to our next adventure. I want to find that boy and offer him a kiss. I want to see the lights move around me. I want to meet up with friends new and old…

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Introducing Lucenti for Listening! Episode 1: Community

We made a podcast! Find the transcript of our conversation here. In this episode, we discussed who we are, mutual aid, communities of our past (quasi-monastic, y’all), their evolution, building community for the sake of community, medicating and self-medicating, survival/homesteading skills, cynicism, crafting change in our world, connecting/socializing while sober, disconnecting from ego. So..just a few things! Footnotes: – What is informed consent? – More on Mutual Aid Societies. Also some…

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