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Charter Cutie Plate – Section Three

Continued from Section Two.

Legitimacy Through Vouching, No Rigid Hierarchy, and Do-ocracy


Vouching: individuals and sub-groups are recognized through consensus of other individuals/groups within Lucenti

Rigid Hierarchy: a static ruling elite ranked as superior to and in control of a larger body of persons


The article to do-ocracy above also includes some commentary/discussion that dives into a few things that Lucenti groups may encounter. If the groups become more formal – things begin happening in large and substantive ways, there may be a degree of growth that is not sustainable with pure do-ocracy.

As such, it should utilize fair process and aim to gather the consensus of any active members (within that sub-group) for continued legitimacy. All groups should remain averse to rigid hierarchies – whether it be in the form of an executive board or an eternal marketing guru. The community benefits from recognition that new potential leaders be continuously sought after, mentored, and trained to take on roles that need fulfillment within the community. If a relatively small group retains static membership, leadership roles ought to be rotated throughout the group however possible to avoid burnout and diversify member skill-sets.

My thoughts here may better be served by an ideal example scenario:

a) Formation of a small group within or adjacent to the existing Lucenti – per a need that is unmet. The group forms to learn how to build solar-powered bikes.
b) A main “do-er” that initiates the group is the de facto leader, and begins teaching the interested initiates about the DIY methods they recommend or have used.
c) Other members become proficient; after a time the initial do-er takes a break from running workshops.
d) New members continue to teach incoming ‘students’ and also rotate out.
e) The group dissolves after all members have built their own solar powered bikes.
f) All those members can now spread solar bike education to other communities if desired.

There are going to be scenarios where some structure is needed – say the formation of a quasi-monastic homestead project. Someone or a group of someones takes on the purchase and maintenance of a property, and sets up requirements for how the community can utilize the space.

The life cycle of an organization is also important to note here. Not all community groups, incorporated businesses, or ancient societies should be kept alive for the sole purpose of continuity. Like all living things, we have a beginning, life, and end. Lucenti pods should recognize and admire the groupings that formulate, actualize, and subsequently dissolve. These are not failures, they are successful iterations of a community that was needed for a purpose, and was then let go. All iterations of a Lucenti sub-community should mentor and improve their members so that new groups can be formed as needed.

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Charter Cutie Plate – Section Two

Continued from Section One. Transparency, Vulnerability, and Direct Communication Definitions Transparency: free from pretense or deceit, readily understood. Vulnerability: uncertainty, risk and emotional exposure. Direct Communication: clearly stated opinions and feelings, firm advocacy for one’s own rights and needs without violating the same of others. There is a difference between privacy and secrecy, and many organizations operate in the realm of the latter. Privacy is oft considered key in…

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Charter Cutie Plate – Section One

Lucenti aims to become an affiliate network of communities that have formally dedicated themselves to the tenets outlined in this prenatal charter. As such, I seek feedback to improve its pieces, that it may bring together stronger wholes. Why do we need such a document? A shared pool of knowledge is key to understanding one another and maintaining connections and community. Let it serve as an introductory and referential…

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Flaw flaw away

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Radical Heresy Final Part

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Radical Heresy Part 2

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