Half Coffee & Half Cream

My head hurts enough that my vision is a little blurry on the sides. I reach for my water but the bottle tipped over in the night, seeping into every page of Condensed Chaos and dripping over the nightstand into the gap between. I was going to sleep in a bit longer, but fear of permanent water damage to the trailer is a more than sufficient alarm clock. I pull myself out of bed and peel items away, moving them to places that will allow them to dry. The book is then splayed open before the space heater, cover and pages curling toward a new permanent shape.

I shove a towel into the nooks in an attempt to soak up most of the spill. A small fan is easy to find in a cupboard, luckily, and I prop it at an angle to blow the moist hell out of the corner. I pull over the de-humidifier and place another damp rid container down on the floor. Fingers are crossed for it to dry some through the windy rain drenching this lovely little oak grove in Oregon.

Now for the headache. I pull on underwear and sweats I wore yesterday, and slide my feet into cold slippers. The fire from the burner beneath my teapot warms my hands and the main room, but I’m still cold. I pop a couple extra strength(tm) pills and refill my water bottle. I stir in an instant coffee pack and think of my dear friend who gifted them to me. I come up with a just shy of funny half&half joke as I pour more than I really need into the cup. I locate my phone and tweet it anyway.

The day literally looks cold and I feel the wind shaking the trailer a bit…I gladly recall I don’t have anywhere to be today. The sun is starting to come out through the early morning clouds and fog, glinting and gleaming off the neighboring trailers. I check on my book and adjust it’s position so more of it can get dry. I wonder if any my notes were washed away. I glance over at my computer and figure that since I’m up, I might as well write some shit down.

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