dream: nightmare wind

From 10-Sep:

While staying up by a family residence in our trailer home, a great windstorm swept through overnight. Upon waking, we discovered that the trailer was nearly demolished. An example of this was a large hunk of metal caught in the wall, utterly compromising the frame of the trailer. Immediately all sorts of complications arose, from how to get it home or even to somewhere that could try to repair it, to tracking down and keeping the kitties safe (as one had been able to escape a newly made hole and wander off). The biggest concern that began cropping up in my mind was of course cost – apparently in the dream insurance wasn’t a factor.

My partner perhaps was putting on a brave face, acting as though the damage wasn’t all that severe. A parent showed us, frustratingly, how we were parked within the bounds of their massive new garage, and that everything could have been prevented had they just closed the sidewalls.

I recall staying outwardly calm, but feeling incredible anger and disappointment. Nothing had been resolved upon waking.

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