dream: burning fam festival

From 7-Sep:

I attended a burning man style event, it seemed to be in another country. There were a lot of pinks and blues looking out over the cityscape and I commented on the vaporwave aesthetic of it. The event seemed to take over an actual city with infrastructure, be it an abandoned ancient one, or one built with what was available for the purpose of hosting things here continuously. Lodging was then actually inside for many people, rather than tent/trailer camping. The place where my partners and I were staying was airy, the windows not paned thus leaving the space more open and still a part of the elements. We were in a taller apartment style building, overlooking the city/event built over a rolling hillscape surrounded by some mountains and copses of trees. It was beautiful.

We still showered in facilities outside, and at the base of the building was our “base camp” with friends and acquaintances having built some shade structure and hangout space. I spent many hours there, and showered a couple of times. At one point I lost track of my pants and just opted to remain in my skivvies. A partner wandered back inside to nap and then get ready in full, told me not to wait around for her. I took off my shirt and seemed to surprise a couple people, but I felt amused and even chuckled at the attention/admiration.

I opted to hang out with a couple of people and their younger child, and we got into a slower moving vehicle, roaming around to view some of the sights: art, structure, etc. I remember the light around us dimming as we seemed to enter an enormous mystical area, comprised of one large or a variety of similarly themed camps. We got out to walk around. The air was misty/foggy here, whether that was natural or artificially provided. Robed/hooded figures were shuffling around conducting tasks, forming lines as they moved around with each other. There were gnarled trees (again, unsure if natural or not), weird smells, and eery music played occasionally.

An altar table for folx to interact with was set up along the main walkway. Up a ramp there was a huge living and vibrant tree (real) that had been lit with small lanterns hanging from branches and around the base. One could walk around the tree in a cobblestone loop, though beyond it was some type of cliff that fell away into darkness. This was essentially an “edge” of the city/event, then. At the base of the tree there was a very simple water station, perfectly tidy and well maintained by the robed figures. None would speak with us.

The people I was with were still wandering around glancing at art and little details of the area, and I was pushing the stroller with their youth in it around the tree. The stroller wouldn’t stop, I came to realize, though it wasn’t speeding up. I had to loop the tree and bring it all they way back down the ramp, as though I couldn’t understand the mechanism for stopping until I got back to the parents. They took it from me and I returned to the tree alone. There was no longer anyone else present.

I ended up either in a trance or flashback state, and vividly began experience a chase scene, fleeing from werewolf-esque “soldiers” through an old town and surrounding forest. After narrowly getting out of a house on the edge of that town, I scrambled and/or fell down into a bush a bit away. I stayed down as a wolf man came out of the house, sniffing the air trying to find me. I don’t recall feeling scared in the dream, but rather…focused. I then woke up entirely.

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