dream: eating birds

From 28-Aug:

I followed a former friend as he shared some spells he’d built involving an ordered method of eating tiny birds. I ended up feeling dismay at yet another pretentious person wasting resources or engaged in frivolous/wasteful ritual activity.

I woke up between these dreams, but they interlocked somehow in my mind.

I encountered a bear that came into my house, though they left of their own accord. I then tried to lure/trap them by building some sort of treat apparatus, but needed supplies first. Upon arriving at the store, a clerk heard my need and decided to empty out a container of potato salad so I could use it for other stuff. I meandered through the bulk section, chatting with other patrons and staff. I struggled getting the potato canister rinsed, but kept another still with the original potato salad contents. For reference, these were ice cream bucket-sized things.

I also ended up chatting someone who worked at a Thai or Malaysian restaurant near my office. Feeling dorky and not very fashionable in the interaction, I realized I inhabited a past version of myself. I saw that person again in the parking lot, on a different day, and when she waved I felt good having been recognized (and also recognizing who she was).

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