dream: swimming

From 27-Aug:

I was attending a new high school (but was in my adult form). I was added into a few classes, but had a free period – or perhaps was skipping already. I wandered into a theater area and found folx trying to practice a scene. However, two of the individuals were not working well together. The stage was made up of several different shape and sized swimming pools. I made my way to a table and offered some advice to the two, as I seemed to know them both anyway.

I told them about the importance of how they communicated in crucial moments like this one, and apparently said some of the right things, as they then shifted gears and were able to work things out for themselves.

The major Jackie of SLC was there, and I got the sensation that something was off. Eventually as things progressed, I helped uncover some petty interpersonal plot, but could not recall the details upon waking. There was also a fair amount of nude swimming, chatting fellow high school “students” up (many were adults like me, maybe it was just stricter college), overhearing conversations from different pools. It seemed overall to take place over several days at least. One of the former Lucenti writers was there, as well as the child of another friend.

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