dream: community justice

From 26-Aug:

The local kink community granted itself an award for self-managed justice. I was either a part of or helped orchestrate a scene wherein the “real impact” of this justice was demonstrated.

People were paraded in with heavy chains around wrists or ankles, and enormous shackles around their necks. Each person spoke to those present to describe how they had been victimized by single aggressors or groups that promised support. I believe there were some participant plants from the crowd to call out negative sentiments as these people shared their stories. Conventionally cute or attractive individuals were dismissed as having asked for it or wanting it, sometimes as being too uneducated in how to negotiate before they got involved with their abusers. Others were ridiculed for being too ugly/dumb and accused of lying or attention seeking.

It was revealed to all that these stories were the individuals’ actual experiences, and commentary the supposed justice from their larger community.

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