Daily Archives: 24 September 2019

dreams: apocalypse sometime

From 26-Aug:

It seems I had multiple iterations of this dream, and details often overlap, as though I was slightly lucid and kept “restarting” sections that didn’t end well.

I awoke from a stasis, with the apocalypse still happening (one of those slow-moving ones where things slowly deteriorate, rather than a sudden collapse or crisis). The scientist type who woke me was oddly controlling, and made sure to limit my access to information, potential weapons, and other people. At some juncture I managed to sneak into the inventory. I encountered another person, perhaps another isolated stasis waker, but they were aggressive and began getting violent with me.

I snatched what I could and had to keep moving, finding out as I left the little compound that the city was no longer sustainable or defensible. I at different times had different weapons, but in the primary mode had a sword with an energy component (light saber-esque extension function). The other common weapon I used was a large energy rifle with a stand, which I could use akin to an anti-aircraft gun.

I sometimes fought with the aggressive person from before at different places in the city, or had to fend off the scientist, or had to rally a few people together to drive away/escape from invading forces.