Daily Archives: 21 September 2019

dreams: business men

From 25-Aug:

While in queue for fast food during a break from school, I chatted some acquaintances just ahead of me, even flirting with a couple cuties from the group. The staff from the front had stepped away, so we weren’t exactly sure what was going on in the back. An impatient businessman ahead began spouting shitty things to a peer, citing the insanity of people who hear voices, calling them idiots for not recognizing reality. In interrupted loudly that hundreds if not thousands of people “hear voices” (citing religious and other experiences in the mix) and we began arguing.

He threatened that I would never finish my schooling there, and I challenged him to try his best. He left. Some folx from the acquaintance and cutie group were impatient to get food before their break expired, and possibly uncomfortable. They began leaving. I remained and struck up conversation with a cutie. Staff returned from the back (perhaps a break?) and I darted out to grab the few folx before they got too far away, so they could return. I ordered spicy fish tacos.