dreams: violence

From 24-Aug:

I was driving around a familiar town (it seemed a blend of familiar places, really), with my partner and our home gNorma. We parked outside of a motel and booked a room we regularly stayed in whenever we passed through there. As some point a violent person came into the area, though I can’t recall if they were familiar to me. They had a rapid-fire rifle and chaos ensued. We initially ‘escaped’ down a tunnel from the room, primarily to retrieve needful things. There was no other exit for the tunnel. This person found the tunnel, and after a harrowing encounter we did manage to get out the way we came in. We fled and ended up hiding in the truck bed (us and another femme person). As soon as possible, we drove away.

Returned much later after the attacker had either fled or been captured. Law enforcement had been to the scene and found what we hadn’t taken with us, looting our “stash,” (of what, I don’t recall) and leaving a general mess. As we loaded up what we could from the leftovers, I found a book that had been left by an old friend who had stopped by. They had left a note over the picture of a different friend’s sibling who had ended up transitioning and dying tragically, my mind went to death by suicide. This friend had come and left the note after the cops but before our return. I cannot recall the contents of the note.

We went down the tunnel to see if what was hidden there had been discovered, and I awoke.

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