Daily Archives: 25 March 2019


Writers block got me like…

That reminder I set for myself on my phone, but that I keep changing the next day.

That friend you keep meaning to text, but totally forget to for weeks on end.

The deep cleaning you promised yourself you would do when the weather finally turned warm, but you want to make sure it’s warm for just a couple extra days before you get buried in the project.

Sending memes to loved ones that you should actually have serious conversations with, but don’t.

Typing braindumps into that email over and over again, only to start it from scratch days later.

Telling folx about how you’re getting back on track with everything now that you’re feeling recovered…but conveniently leaving out the main thing they asked about.

I’ve started and stopped several posts. I am editing a fullisode for the Lucenti podcast. And I am so fucking excited the sun warms my skin again.

Stay tuned, my friends.