Charter Cutie Plate – Section Four

Continued from Section Three.

Community Safety, Sponsorship, and Recruitment


Community Safety: multi-stakeholder ‘local’ approach to building cohesion between individual parties that seeks to free members from fear and want.

Sponsorship: aspirants to Lucenti need a current member to vouch for them, this sponsor will remain familiar with the initiate and their progress for the duration of their introductory period.

Recruitment: in the formation or deepening of friendships and relationships, existing Lucenti should keep an eye out for viable new community members and open dialogue regarding active projects or the overall community.


Humans need community, and we’re often not provided many skills to form or maintain it for ourselves. Some of us come from dysfunction or rejection, and some never experience being welcomed into a community. There are many forms of community that can provide safety nets of love, security, and support. Building intentional networks specifically to gain those connections is one of the keystones in the foundation of Lucenti.

An individual who wishes to join Lucenti may do so for a specific project. Or an existing Lucenti member may identify a likely peer and engage in dialogue perhaps to recruit them. The mechanism around how to join may thus be nebulous for the time being – overall there should be an existing member of a project or Lucenti that sponsors any new person and is also held accountable for their general conduct and efforts. The sponsor should be someone who can mentor if needed, but seeks the success of the aspirant.

Lucenti desires no possession or authority over members at any stage of their journey, unless specifically modeled, negotiated, and consented to by project members. For a specific project to experience sustainability, members may be directed to step away from certain roles. At any time, a member who wishes to leave Lucenti is absolutely free to do so. Regardless of membership status, tenets of the charter that help Lucenti grow and accomplish success will hopefully be rooted in each individual, and taken forward to their future projects and communities.

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